Our terms and conditions are designed to safeguard the health and well-being of all our guests

Only cats who have been vaccinated against FPV FHV and FCV can be accepted for boarding at Howpark. An annual booster is required. Please be aware that we will need to see an up to date vaccination record card on your arrival at the cattery. For more information about vaccination requirements for catteries please see our FAQ page.

We request that owners ensure their cats are free from fleas and worms before arrival at the cattery. We reserve the right to treat any cat found to have fleas. The cost of this treatment will be the responsibility of the owner.

No cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infectious disease can be accepted. The cattery reserves the right to refuse admission to the cattery any cat who shows signs of ill health. We feel that this is essential to safeguard the health of all our guests.

Veterinary care is assured for all cats staying here. Our cattery insurance includes veterinary cover for our guests. However any pre-existing condition which may require further treatment by our vet will not be covered and the cost of any treatment will be the owners responsibility.


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