I am worried that my cat might not be ok?

Most cats settle into the cattery environment without problem. Cats like routine, and quite quickly adapt to the routine of the cattery day, and soon feel secure in their individual units. Having their own bedding, scratching posts toys etc with their familiar smell all help to reassure nervous new guests.

We close twice during the year, the rest of the year we are open 7 days a week.

We use our closing times to attend to essential maintenance to keep the cattery in good order and to have a break ourselves.

We charge a full day`s board for each day our guests stay with us including the first and last day. The unit is available for your cat only on those days. After you collect your cat, (anytime during opening hours) we start the very important task of cleaning, then disinfecting, the unit. We then prepare it for the arrival of a new guest the following day.

We are happy to accept cats on routine medication. All we ask is that you provide us with a sufficient supply for your cat`s stay and clear instructions for administering it.

For all cats staying with us it is essential that they have been vaccinated against the ‘core’ infectious diseases. These are FPV (feline enteritis) and FHV and FCV, both respiratory viruses (Cat Flu). All cats must have had a primary vaccination course (two injections three to four weeks apart) followed by an annual booster.

Vaccination against other infectious diseases such as FELV (feline leukaemia virus) is available. In catteries such as ours which are well constructed and managed, and where cats from different homes never come into direct contact with each other additional vaccinations are not necessary. Please be aware our Terms and Conditions state that we cannot accept cats without proof of vaccination. An up to date record card signed by your vet must be available for us to check when you arrive with your cat.

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